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Seminar on Innovation and Entrepreneurship in HKU


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Seminar on Innovation and Entrepreneurship in HKU

DATE :  December 7, 2018 (Friday)
TIME :  4:00 - 5:30 pm
VENUE :  CYCP1, Chong Yuet Ming Chemistry Building, HKU

Speaker : 
Director of Technology Transfer Office
Director of iDendron, HKU Innovation and Entrepreneurship Hub 

Abstract : 
Creating impact through Innovation, Internationalisation and Interdisciplinary is the key strategy of HKU.  The Innovation is to provide new solution to the problem and is accomplished with the new product or service to society.  We have a good example of HKU Innovation: HKU’s DNA hybridisation technology was materialised by Guangdong Hybribio, and its HPV diagnostic kits are being used for more than 16 million tests by 1,200 hospitals across 20 countries.  As the product or service is established by a company, to engage the company is critical to create Innovation from the university’s technology.  If there is a company who is willing to license the university’s technology to develop new product, normally the industry engagement would lead to licensing before or after the collaboration.  You may refer to the booklet “An Inventor’s Guide for Technology Transfer” for a better overview of the processes.  However, some disruptive technologies are hard to be digested by an existing company; creating new spin-off company would be a better option to create the Innovation.  It is estimated that more than 100 start-ups are run by HKU students, alumni and staff members.  The University is supporting the spin-off companies by providing education and training of Entrepreneurship, funding, co-working space, technology transfer and mentorship.  Entrepreneurship is a mindset to realise the idea in spite of high level of uncertainty in product development and industry dynamics, which gains more importance as growing number of cases that new start-up companies are reshaping the world with Innovation.
In this talk, the speaker will share the innovation framework, supporting organization and available funding programmes. 

Registration (for HKU staff and students only) :

BIP Asia Forum 2018

06 Dec 2018 - 07 Dec 2018

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