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A Consistent and Precise Fluid Dispensing Technique

A Consistent and Precise Fluid Dispensing Technique

Key Problem and Market Opportunity

  1. The global fluid dispensing equipment market is expected to reach $10.29 billion by 20241 and Adhesive dispensing equipment revenue is expected to reach $3.40 billion by 2024
  2. Common problem in the existing fluid dispensing equipment are inconsistent amount of fluid, waste of material with exceed amount.. etc.. Adhesives dispensing demand precision, accuracy and consistency whilst being applied to surfaces.

1 Grand View Research Inc, a US-based market research and consulting company, based in San Francisco, reports that

Key Advantages of the Technology

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  • The technology uses rotational force (rotating nozzle) to breakup the capillary bridge for both non-viscous and viscous fluidic 
  • Improve the accuracy of each dosage of drops which result in reducing material wastage, and also optimizing efficiency and accuracy of processes
  • eliminate stringing and satellite formation issues in dispensing of highly viscous and Non Newtonian viscoelastic fluid
  • also help to generate monodisperse viscoelastic fluid droplets in Microfluidics devices
  • the breakup time decreases exponential with rotation speed. Without rotation the time is around 45s, while for 330.3Hz rotation is around 0.2s, the minimum among all methods.
  • The Inventor also have a related technology in high viscosity mixing technology that provide an efficient and rapid mixing of highly viscous fluids (PCT Application No. PCT/CN2015/080313)

Potential Product and Services

  • microdispensing pumps for semi-conductor packaging industries and other electronic components manufacturing in the field of electrical and electronics, automotive, construction, medical.
  • 3D printer for microfabrication

Development Status and IP Strength

  • PCT Application No. PCT/CN2016/094405

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