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創新技術 (專利發明)

New Target for COVID-19 Diagnosis: the Nonstructural Protein 1 (nsp1) Gene

The addition of nsp1 for multiplex detection of SARS-CoV-2 can avoid false negative results caused by binding site mutations


Electro-conductive & Antibacterial Material for Endodontic Treatment

An antibacterial filling material with improved control of the filling process to ensure properly filled root canals

Medical Devices

Aminoxy Acid-Based Molecules as Anti-Cancer Stem Cell Agents

Molecules to increase K+/H+ flux, disrupting mitochondrial and lysosomal functions leading to apoptosis

Therapeutic Chemicals

Novel Antimicrobial Peptide Remineralises Tooth Surface of Dental Caries

A stable, dual activity peptide that prevents microbe adhesion and regenerates tooth surface mineralisation

Medical Devices

Adoptive Immunotherapy Against Metabolic and Cancer Diseases

Treg cells that express a well‐known insulin‐sensitizing, anti‐diabetic, anti‐inflammatory, anti‐atherogenic and anti‐tumorigenic hormone

Therapeutic Biologics

PD1-Based TWIST1 Cancer Vaccine

A vaccine to induce long-lasting TWIST1-specific T cell responses against both subcutaneous and metastatic mesothelioma lethal challenges

Therapeutic Biologics

A Novel Broad-spectrum Antiviral for Treating COVID-19

Peptides with potent antiviral activity against enveloped coronaviruses, influenza virus and non-enveloped rhinovirus

Therapeutic Biologics

Universal Fracture Healing Accelerator for External Fixators

A novel accelerator that speeds up fracture healing by 20% by creating weight-bearing like micromotion at the fracture site

Medical Devices