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Sharing Session by Co-Founder & CEO of a Successful Mobile Game Start-up Company - Twitchy Finger Ltd

23 Nov 2017

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Sharing Session by Co-Founder & CEO of a Successful Mobile Game Start-up Company - Twitchy Finger Ltd

Mr. Edward Li will share his experience of starting an apps company and the insights of an entrepreneur.

Date: 23 November 2017 (Thursday)
Time: 5:30 - 6:30 pm
Venue: iDendron, 1/F, Knowles Building, HKU

About the Speaker:
Edward is the Co-Founder & CEO of Twitchy Finger Ltd. He has been active in the mobile games industry for 4 years with another 10+ years of experience in media and entertainment field. Besides serving as CEO at Twitchy Finger, he is currently the director at Excelgrow Ltd, and Hippocrite Sound & Media Ltd.

About the Company:
Twitchy Finger Ltd. is a mobile games development and publishing studio based in Hong Kong. Founded in 2014, the company specializes in developing for the iOS and Android platform. Twitchy Finger has produced high-quality games including Furball Rampage, Mini Legend, and Be a Man: Do The Right Thing. Twitchy Finger games have been featured on Google Play and iOS App Store and consistently ranks as one of the top grossing and downloaded games on mobile platforms. Furthermore, the company has won numerous awards such as the 2017 Asia Smart Awards "HKSTP Best Startup Award", 2016 Google Play "Best Independent Game of the Year", and 2016 Hong Kong ICT Awards "Best Digital Entertainment Software Award". The company has been part of the Caring Company scheme for 3 consecutive years serving the community in sharing its experiences and knowledge to young entrepreneurs through events and volunteer work in hopes of fostering the next generation of talent within the ICT field.

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