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TSSSU Awardees 2020

TSSSU Awardees 2020


TSSSU Awardees 2020                                 Category Description  Year of Establishment
Datax Limited logo Datax Limited IT / Engineering Datax is an all-rounded data labelling and crowdsourcing platform. Combining self-developed auto-labelling algorithms, public contributor workforce and our professional quality assurance team, we help businesses to label, crowdsource and health check data for specialised AI application development, machine learning and analytics purposes. 2017
Brain Investing Limited IT / Engineering At Brain Investing, we are building all-in-one Fin-tech solutions with cutting-edge artificial intelligence technologies. We help investment companies and institutions achieve better performance with our AI strategy research and execution platforms. Our AI engine employs a wide range of tailor-made machine learning models, taking hundreds of financial factors as input, generates solid trading signals which are escalated into full trading strategies with portfolio construction, position sizing, risk management rules, under widely received trading frameworks such as trend following, mean-reverting, statistical arbitrage, event-driven and so on. The produced strategies consist of five levels which are adjusted fully automatically under new market conditions to deliver continuous and consistent performance. 2017

High Performance Solution Limited logoHigh Performance Solution Limited

IT / Engineering High-Performance Solution Limited is a spin-off company from the University of Hong Kong based on thermo-electrochemical capacitor (TEC), which is a new technology that converts low-grade waste heat into electricity. HPS has received the funding scheme, TSSSU@HKU 2019-2020 and now focus on the development and commercialization of TEC as a new generation of heat-to-electricity converter for consumer electronics and self-powered applications. 2017
Weavatools Limited IT / Engineering Weava ( is a digital workspace for academic research where students and professionals can highlight, organize, and collaborate – all in one place. Weava is a free ed-tech solution developed in Hong Kong by HKU students, and is now used by 100,000+ students and staff at 1,000+ universities around the world. Weava adapts to your needs and research style, giving you the flexibility to review your articles and sources every time you research online. 2017
QuantumFabless Limited IT / Engineering QuantumFabless aims to integrate quantum physics in electronic design automation (EDA) and to offer fast yet accurate quantum physical & atomistic modeling and simulation solutions for the R&D of nanometer materials, devices and applications. We help customers minimize costly experiments and accelerate R&D processes. 2017
InterLitho Technology Limited IT / Engineering InterLitho Technology Limited is a spinoff company from the University of Hong Kong and is supported by the Technology Startup Support Scheme for Universities (TSSSU) program. InterLitho is established by the Nanostructures Laboratory of HKU and based on the fiber-optic interference lithography technology and its sensing applications developed by the HKU Nanostructures Laboratory. InterLitho will develop innovative nanolithography and nanofabrication equipment based on granted US patents and patent applications. InterLitho will also provide technical services and consultancy on large-area patterning of periodic nanostructures for industrial research labs and university research groups and help industrial customers on the development of manufacturing process for nanostructured products. 2018

Phrmasec Limited logo

Phrmasec Limited
Biotechnology PhrmaSec Limited is a Hong Kong University based Biotech Spin-off Company, rooted on the research done at Professor Billy KC Chow’s lab. Research led by Professor Chow and other groups have demonstrated that Secretin knockout animals develop hypertension and related disorders as Secretin is involved in water/salt homeostasis. Therefore, at PhrmaSec using an innovative approach, state-of-the-art technology and high-throughput in vitro and in silico screening we have identified five therapeutic molecules (KSD171990 is selected for preclinical studies) that can target Secretin Receptor to function as anti-hypertensive compounds.
AICity Technology Holding Limited IT / Engineering AICityTech Ltd. main business is navigation and LBS (Location Based Service). It uses an innovative approach of Location Confirmation System rather than the conventional Location Positioning System to assist user in finding their destination from the outdoor to indoor environment. The system uses a Smart Address Plate (SAP) system that is managed by a gateway system for navigation by users and property management by property companies. In addition to navigation and property management, we also provide precision advertising and other consultancy services. 2018
Physight Limited logoPhysight Limited IT / Engineering Physight Limited is a start-up founded by HKU professor and researchers aiming to super-resolution microscopic imaging for biological and medical sciences. The company is to develop cutting-edge optic microscopic imaging techniques, provide outsourcing research and solutions for researchers in biological, medical sciences and material sciences. 2018

Serinno Holdings Limited

Serinno Holdings Limited
Biotechnology Serinno Holdings Limited is an innovative biotechnology company which translates basic research inventions into real life products, spanning from drug screening and discovery, vaccine development, to antibody-drug conjugates. The in-house technologies will assist in the development of new therapeutic biologics against various diseases, and new tools for medicine and biology for the need of both industries and academics. 2018

Ossfila Technology Limited logo

Ossfila Technology Limited
Biotechnology OSSFILA Technology Limited is a biotechnology startup company specialized in the R&D and manufacture of novel 3D printed bone implants. Founded by three affiliates from the University of Hong Kong in 2018, OSSFILA aims to resolve the supply shortage of donor bone implants. The 3D-printing product composition will be based on a PMMA matrix with the addition of Nano-hydroxyapatite, which form a novel copolymer. Such composition has proven to promote superior biocompatibility while maintaining similar mechanical strength and durability of a normal bone compared to current alternatives. OSSFILA 3D-printing material and 3D-printed bone implants will offer a safe, effective and patient-specific solution for patients in need. Furthermore, we aim to diversify our product composition into filaments and standard research models to target different markets segments including researchers, manufacturer and clinicians alike. 2017
DigiDent AI Limited logoDigiDent AI Limited IT / Engineering DigiDent AI Limited is being established in Hong Kong offering superior technology solutions in dentistry including the design of fixed prosthesis. Dental laboratories and the industry have long since been encountered problems related to accuracy, sensitivity and robustness of the stone moulds, the working flow are tedious, labour and cost consuming. By contrast, DigiDent AI Limited is pioneering a software approach based on machine learning algorithms with learning each patient and compiling with materials selection, to achieve the full-automatic design of dental prosthesis with high accuracy, reduced time and labour. 2018
Next Insurtech Limited IT / Engineering Next Insurtech Limited, founded in 2018, currently endorsed by the Hong Kong Cyberport Incubation Program. Aiming to build an online aggregator,, with full range of general insurance products for individuals and SME clients to do product comparison and direct purchases online. It will be launching in Hong Kong for the first step while targeting to expand overseas and become the number one Asia-Pacific Insurance Platform. HoldCover connects insurance companies through various APIs, and will be offering A.I. Robo-Advisory Services to deliver frictionless insurance application experience to the end-users. 2018
Farmacy HK Limited IT / Engineering In response to the pressing global challenges caused by rapid urbanisation and deforestation, Farmacy HK is the 1st “Agri-Prop” tech start-up in Asia that builds smart mobile farms in the heart of our cities. We enable supermarkets, restaurants, hotels, schools and every household to farm ultra-fresh, safe and affordable crops on-site with pioneer indoor farming technologies, full automation and “property-able” modular capabilities. 2017
Swifthon Technology Consultancy Company Limited IT / Engineering ReUbird is your assistant for planning activities and celebrating special moments in life, ranging from gatherings with friends, family parties, company events to even your perfect dates. Organising an activity, event and celebration has been a pain for both individuals and corporates. We create a marketplace that aggregates all related products/services and make them easily bookable online and on-the-go. 2018
Kin Technology Limited logo Kin Technology Limited IT / Engineering Kin Technology offers closed-loop household medication management solution to healthcare providers, individual caregivers & caretakers. The solution comprises an automatic pill dispenser, a mobile app and a central management system that can monitor and manage the medication remotely. Our products ensure the right person is taking the right dosage of medication at the right time. 2018
EchoX Technology Limited IT / Engineering EchoX Technology Limited focuses on delivering intelligent medical tools in ultrasound imaging. The products include 1)automatic detection of pleural effusions in lung ultrasound imaging and 2)ultrasound-guided peripheral intravenous tool. 2018

Momentus Rootics Limited

Momentus Robotics Limited
IT / Engineering Momentus Robotics is a Hong Kong-based robotics company that develops high-performance MR-safe hydraulic motors for use in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)-guided robotic systems. Our key technologies have been patented, and we will be the first to offer commercially available and entirely MR-safe actuation systems in the market. We are dedicated to the future of MRI-based interventions and aim to provide a robust platform for researchers and industry to develop their own MRI-guided robotic systems. 2019
AlhenaBio Limited logoAlhenaBio Limited Biotechnology AlhenaBio Limited is a precision digital diagnostics and healthtech company based in Hong Kong. We develop aptamers and integrate them into platforms to produce next-generation digital diagnostics solutions. Aptamer-based diagnostics have many advantages over existing tests. These include compatibility with saliva, urine, blood, sweat diagnostics, electrochemical detection, reliable multiplexing and mobile phone integrated diagnostics. By comparison, our technology will enable rapid diagnostic tests (RDTs) to be superior in one or more of: sensitivity, speed, robustness, thermostability, scalability and cost. AlhenaBio has an internationally renowned team with all the necessary technical, business and management expertise to ensure success. 2019
Ubiquity Diagnostics Limited logoUbiquity Diagnostics Limited IT / Engineering Ubiquity Diagnostics aims to improve current conventional brain magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) practices and provide new clinical brain MRI solutions through advances in computing algorithms and neuroscience research. MRI is recognized by most clinicians as one of the most valuable medical device innovations because it can detect and characterize pathological tissues with high sensitivity and specificity in an inherently quantitative, multi-parametric, non-invasive and non-ionizing manner. Despite MRI's clear clinical advantages and benefits, its accessibility remains a fundamentally limiting issue. MRI is known to have comparatively long patient scan times (i.e., -6 minutes/scan; -30 minutes/patient), leading to low patient throughput and critical patient backlogs (i.e., -2months wait for general cases). 2019
HydroSoft Limited HydroSoft Limited IT / Engineering HydroSoft Limited is a company that develops soft dexterous underwater manipulators for inspection-class ROVs. The products HydroSoft develops have four prominent characteristics that make them stand out over conventional products: a) Zero weight-in-water and compact overall design can be mounted on observation-class ROVs. b) Ambient water pressure independence, enabling large working depth range. c) Sensors embedded in soft actuators for precise position and force control. d) Low price and easy to manufacture. HydroSoft’s target customers are mainly from University/Research institutions, industry/government departments, and individuals that need to conduct underwater operations. 2019
Levobio Limited logoLevobio Limited Biotechnology The start-up “Levobio Ltd” is a new, energetic company that aims to develop biomimetic and bioinspired medical and dental materials, with the absence of harmful components such as “BPA” and “heavy metal”. The start-up has just been formed by two members of HKU. 2019
LPC logoLlewellyn and Partners Company Limited IT / Engineering The LPC startup team has been developing Building Information Modeling (BIM)-related technologies for a decade in the U.K. and China. The team developed BIMwarehouse, an ISO-compliant platform with an integrated project and asset information management solution, that improves the work efficiency of the Architecture, Engineering, Construction and Owner-operated (AECO) industry. BIMwarehouse provides BIM family library and database that applies IFC (Industry Foundation Classes) open BIM data standard in data input and storage to regulate the classification and coding system of the family warehouse. BIMwarehouse, as a Common Data Environment (CDE), not only provides data storage, but users can also use “AutoBIM” and enjoy the achievements of such novel A.I. and Blockchain patented technology, to efficiently and effectively build Digital Twins and the next generation AECO ecosystems. 2019
Hestia Technology Limited logo Hestia Technology Limited IT / Engineering Hestia Technology Limited focuses on robotized smart kitchen making Chinese Cuisine. We research, design, and develop state-of-the-art technologies in food science, automation, and robotics. The robotic system is composed of multiple modules from ordering to pre-cooking and cooking. 2018
Soonlution Technology Limited logo Soonlution Technology Limited IT / Engineering Soonlution Technology Limited is an innovative start-up formed by a group of members from the University of Hong Kong. Soonlution aims to boost sustainable aquaculture by bringing new technology into this industry. Soonlution is currently working on the project Modernized Shellfish Home (MSH), which helps shellfish grower face the challenges of global warming, particularly typhoons. 2019
AI Academy Limited IT / Engineering AI Academy is an EduTech startup that empowers students with knowledge of computer science and artificial intelligence and becoming AI future leaders. Our team is driven to build an online AI & Coding learning platform, to be a pioneer in STEM education. Designed to help students learn AI and coding, the Online Learning Platform with AI and STEM curriculum and features of gamification including machine learning concepts and AI application along allowing (i) the students to learn the concept of AI and different machine learning models to facilitate their learning in AI in a more fun and efficient way and (ii) teachers to teach AI and STEM easily by themselves. 2019
Sherpa Careers Limited logo Sherpa Careers Limited IT / Engineering We achieve personalized career training at an affordable price by combining human input with artificial intelligence. Our evaluation framework combines deep learning with industrial-organizational psychology to evaluate a candidate’s interview performance. The output metrics are then combined with input from human coaches to provide actionable feedback to students. This human-A.I. hybrid feedback model attempts to quantify interview performance while respecting the human component in hiring. 2018
Nanopath Technologies Limited IT / Engineering Combatting Fish Fraud and Promoting Seafood Sustainability through Fast and comprehensive DNA Analysis. 2019
Hong Kong Univisual Intelligent Technology Limited IT / Engineering The company focuses on the development for intelligent platforms using computer vision and deep learning. The technology has been deployed in Drowning Detection System (the ITF project SmartSwim), Golf and Yoga training (the Robocoach project that awarded the Best Creative Idea Project in the Singapore Young Talent Award), and intelligent systems for ice hockey competition and training.  2019
Last updated: 23 Sept 2020


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