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InnoTech Expo 2016 (24 Sep - 1 Oct 2016)


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The InnoTech Expo 2016 organized by Our Hong Kong Foundation was held at the Hong Kong Convention Centre during 24 September - 1 October 2016. In this event, it exhibited the latest technology and breakthrough inventions from China and Hong Kong. A series of forums, seminars and demonstrations were conducted by renowned scientists from Hong Kong and Mainland China, and professors from local universities, to inspire and heighten the participants’ interest in science and technology. Under the event’s theme of “Innovation Driving Developments, Technology Leading the Future”, HKU showcased two latest research projects from Faculty of Engineering, which include:

  • Passive LED Driver for Street Lighting (Prof Ron Hui) 
  • High Speed Imaging Technologies based on OCT and WET (Dr Kenneth Wong)

Over 60,000 visitors came to the exhibition, including more than 32,000 students and teachers from about 300 primary and secondary schools. Many of them had visited HKU booth and took the chance to learn more about cutting-edge technologies developed by HKU.

EmTech Hong Kong 2016


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Presentation: Accelerating the Translation of New Drug Targets (Drug Projects) for Industrialization



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